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Christmas party 2019

Our Christmas party today began with a bang…….. the Police arrived to see what all the noise was about, then joined in with the fun.

Hawthorn’s Christmas Fire

We had a lovely afternoon in forest school decorating the trees with tinsel and baubles, singing carols, drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows on the fire to make our s’mores.

Le Petit dèjeuner

We’ve been creating some french breakfast menus in Hawthorn this week, the children have enjoyed designing and sharing their menus. We have also practiced asking for different breakfast items. Maybe you could test them out at home!

Practical maths

Over the last few weeks in Hawthorn we have been using equipment to help us model our working. We used Cuisenaire rods to solve divisions and multiplications, Numicon to create factor towers and we cut up pieces of paper to help us to understand fractions.

Take One Tune

Hall of the Mountain King by Peer Gynt or Morning by Edvard Grieg were used by the school to come up with their own interpretations of the music. On Friday 28th June we had a whole school assembly to share class performances. The variety of interpretations were wide, interesting and very entertaining. Many thanks to […]

Hall of Mountain King… Oakthorn Remix

Over the last two days, Hawthorn and the Year 5s from Oak have been looking at ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’, by Edvard Grieg. At first we listened to the music and drew, or wrote everything the piece made us feel. Almost everyone felt that is was something to do with chasing and […]

Hawthorn the Stone Age tribe

This week Hawthorn class have been transported back to the Stone Age. On Monday disaster struck. The tribe’s village and farms were struck by an earthquake. First, the tribe had to decide if they wanted to remain as farmers, or revert to the hunter gatherer life. The afternoon was spent debating the pros and cons […]

Classifying materials

Today Hawthorn have been investigating the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We learned that solids have a fixed shape and volume, liquids have no fixed shape but they have a fixed volume and in gases neither are fixed. We then spend a fun, if gooey afternoon investigating various products from Miss Thompson’s bathroom. Our […]

Christmas Dinner Day.

A great time was had by all on Christmas Dinner day. With a big thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for all their hard work over the year. Even the youngest member wore her festive outfit.