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More Ukulele

Hawthorn have been working hard learning more songs, aiming towards a concert for everyone later in the year. These are snippets from their latest song. (This is what the whole song sounds like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B0b2iU0nzc&safe=active )

Hawthorn Ukulele

This term Hawthorn have been working very hard with Mr Martin, learning to play the Ukulele. They have made excellent progress and have learned to play lots of songs in full. We thought you might like to hear them playing Price Tag, originally by Jessie J.

Hawthorn Ukulele

    Next term Hawthorn will be starting their ukulele lessons. We have one this term as an extra and we did really well. We could already play a recent(ish) pop song by the end of one session. There will be no stopping us after the holidays!

Easter Poems

In literacy we have been studying free verse. Without rhyming or any formal structure, we have had to use description and rhythm to make our poems interesting. Important lines are surrounded by short punchy ones to give emphasis. We have written a poem, either based on the Easter story, or on the themes of forgiveness […]

Mother’s Day cards


In 4 Hawthorn we have created cards for Mother’s Day. Inside we wrote a free verse poem in the form of a list poem. We wrote about all the things our mums help us with and why we are so grateful for them.

Hawthorn Fire

We have a fun afternoon after school toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate while singing Christmas songs.

Berkhamsted Castle… in miniature..

Last week 4Hawthorn turned their hand to early medieval castle building. Their team work was great, as are their models.                 

A Beatwave Christmas

We have been using the iPad app Beatwave to do some composing. Having looked at a Christmas picture, discussed words and sounds we associated with it and looking at the structure of other Christmas songs, we have started composing our own. These tasters are the first four bars of our songs. V&F A&M A&R D&J […]

Creativity week – Take One Picture

For Creativity week the children have all made a class project around the picture ‘A Roman Triumph’ which is in the National Gallery. The children all worked extremely hard and each class produced something different based on what they saw and liked about the picture. We could not be prouder of all they have achieved. […]