4 Hawthorn Category


In 4 Hawthorn we have been looking at using pens for sketching. These are the daffodils we created. We have also used pixel art to try and recreate something similar.

World book week

During our busy book week we enjoyed having the Author Lou Treleaven in reading one of her books to us ‘Letter to Pluto’ and completing a worksheet designing our own planets.

Hawthorn Science Week

Last week, Hawthorn took part in the school’s experiments into the absorbency of nappies. The children planned their won investigations, setting on three different methods, but coming up with very similar results. We discovered that Papers was the most absorbent of the bands we tested, with Tesco a far way in second and both Aldi […]

“Take One” Art

This year’s picture is “Woman in a Hat and A fur Coat” by Pablo Picasso.  Each class uses a picture for inspiration for their art work.  Some of our classes created with own art work inspired by the Pablo Picasso artwork and others used his cubism style of art to inspire their own paintings. Cubism […]

Lego-based Therapy

Earlier in the year, we received some lovely donations of Lego for our Lego Based Therapy and we have been putting them to good use. LEGO®-Based Therapy was developed by Daniel LeGoff, He took inspiration from watching two of his patients with autism playing with Lego in his waiting room and how their social interactions […]

Rocks and Soils.

The children in Hawthorn have started to look at rocks and soils. We have carried out a few experiments using food to represent the different aspects of rock formation. The children grated chocolate to create sedimentary rock and then used the heat, and some pressure from their hands, to form it into metamorphic rock. They […]

Hawthorns Mountain homework

The children in Hawthorn worked very hard on their homework to create some amazing mountains. Some children got creative and built models, others did some impressive research to find out lots of facts on their chosen mountain.

Beat the Author.

The children in Hawthorn have written their own version of a paragraph taken from Tolkien’s The Hobbit. It is a setting description using lots of expanded noun phrases, prepositions and adjectives. We asked Willow class to read all of our adapted paragraphs and to vote for their favourite piece of writing. Lots of Hawthorn children […]