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Game On fun!

As part of our Olympic week we had Game On.

Our last few weeks

We have had a busy few weeks with Warburtons coming to visit us as well as forest school sessions which we started to learn about plants. Here are a few pictures:


The children in 3 Laurel went to Astley Cooper school to take part in a tri-golf tournament this week. The class played a mixture of games, including putting the ball through their team mates legs, chipping over a bench and aiming at cones. All children enjoyed themselves and joined in well. 

Tuning video

Anyone in years 3 and 4 that have a ukulele at home might want to use this video to help tune at home.  

Skip 2B Fit!

We have been competing in the ‘Skip 2B Fit’ competition. Every child in 3Laurel, 4Willow and 4Hawthorn have been taking part every week since October. You have to see how many skips you can do in 2 minutes and then each week try to beat your own score. Some children got over 200 skips! After each […]

Brick making

As part of our science topic on Rocks and Soils, we made bricks out of clay and sand. The class mixed 1kg of clay and 500g of sand along with water. After a lot of mixing, they put the mixture in the brick moulds and now we are waiting until they have dried.

Forest School

3 Laurel did soil testing today. The chip had to look at a map of the school and decide where they could take soil samples. They used equipment to dig about 8cm down to take the sample. The class used soil testing kits to test the soil, finding out if the soil was alkaline or […]

Displays in 3 Laurel

After a fantastic persuasive letter writing genre we have now sent our letters and have ended up with a fabulous display! We have also been working hard in RE, PSHE, where a child’s idea forged the Effort board and in Science. Some of the children have made some great volcanoes at home that look amazing […]

PE rolls

We are learning different rolls in PE and Miss Minter is teaching us.