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Stone Age Workshop

We went into the forest to learn about how Stone Age people used to live. We looked at real artefacts and learned how they would use them. The children pretended they were hunters and gatherers and went quietly through the forest and we also made charcoal to draw our cave paintings with.        […]

Indian food!

To link in with our PE, we were very lucky in 3 Laurel to have two of our classmates Mums in to talk to us about Divali and to let us try some Indian food. It was delicious!        

Dictionary skills

We have been finding the definitions of words that we are concentrating on this week in our spelling. We are investigating the words in which ‘ch’ makes the ‘sh’ sound. We thought of words and looked up their meaning using our alphabetical skills.  

Tag Rugby

The class started tag rugby this week and really enjoyed learning how to hold and throw the ball.      

Diwali Dance

In 3 Laurel we are working with each other to produce a Diwali dance. We have to listen to the music, remember our posture, work with partners or groups and put it all together!     

Bird cakes

To go with our Take One Book that we were reading last week we made bird cakes today on the coldest day ever! Hot chocolate and a biscuit indoors soothed the frozen hands a little!!    

Music to our ears!

3 Laurel have been making our own music! First we learned how to play a well known tune, Twinkle Twinkle, then we looked at a picture and composed our own piece of music to go with it. We thought about what notes would sound good: high or low and what effect sounded good too.   […]

Marshmallow Man!

In Science we are learning about how important our skeleton is. The class made a marshmallow man with cocktail sticks and had to name the bones.  They also had to work together as a team : hot chocolate anyone?!               

Our first ukulele lesson!

Mr Martin came in to teach our first ukulele lesson-we loved it! We learned how to hold our ukulele, warm up our fingers and how to strum the strings! We also learned songs too.           

Stone Age Village

3 Laurel have been busy making their own houses out of material and wood. We have gone back in time to the Stone Age to find out what it might have been like to make shelter from the materials and tools that were available. Lots of cutting, tying and team work!               […]