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Yoga session

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. As part of wellbeing week, the children in Laurel participated in a yoga session. They enjoyed learning different postures and breathing techniques!

Sedimentary rock in a cup

To learn more about rocks and soil, the children put different cereals in a cup to represent layers. Bran flakes represented silt, Rice Krispies, sand and Coco Pops, foliage and leaves. Marshmallows, Swizzle sweets and Love Hearts were used to represent different fossils. We poured butter in one cup to see if any changes occurred […]

Letter Hunt

In P.E. we are covering the unit ‘Outdoor and Adventurous ‘. The children worked in small groups to hunt for capital letters. They were given a map of the classroom which indicated where the hidden letters could be found. Before they started to hunt for the letters, they orientated themselves correctly and then decided which […]

Rock Walk

Our current science topic is rocks. Our class went on a walk around the school grounds to try and find rocks. The children enjoyed searching for rocks and studied their appearance and properties, attempting to identify the different types. We talked about whether our finds were a human or physical feature.

Christmas party 2019

Our Christmas party today began with a bang…….. the Police arrived to see what all the noise was about, then joined in with the fun.

Experimenting with pitch of sound

Using homemade instruments, the children investigated how to change the pitch of sound coming from their instrument. They thought of different ways of playing them by using a gentle or hard force. They then clapped out a rhythm and in groups, performed a short piece of music to Mr Channa, our Science leader.

Greek food.

This afternoon in 4 Willow and 3 Laurel, we have been tasting some Greek food. We have tried pitta bread dipped in olive oil, black and green olives houmous, feta cheese and Greek made Turkish Delight.This links to our Greek Topic. Most plates were empty by the end of the tasting!,

Laurel’s assembly for parents

Parents of children in Laurel were invited to an assembly on Tuesday 22 October where the children spoke in french and showed some of their work. Thank you to all parents who attended, we hope you enjoyed it!

Invertebrate hunt

If you had gone into the woods today you would have had a big surprise. You would have found Laurel searching for mini beasts.  As part of our science topic ’Living Things and Their Habitats’, we went to our woods to find mini beasts. The children had great fun searching under logs, leaves and soil […]

Ukulele concert to parents

On Wednesday afternoon the parents of Laurel class were invited to listen to a ukulele presentation. Although the children have only had six lessons their performance was very professional. The children played to a limited audience but put their heart and soul into their singing and playing. They started by using their voices in harmony. […]