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World Cup Games Day

On 27th June the whole school enjoyed a World Cup day organised by our Game On coaches. Every house colour group competed against each other and represented a different country from the World Cup. The children had a great day and enjoyed showing off their football skills! Well done to the children who were selected […]

Buddy groups

We have had a lot of fun on treat Friday this afternoon. We have been working in our buddy groups on lots of different activities. The children have all worked really hard and behaved impeccably!                             

Buddy Groups

On Wednesday afternoon the children did some Easter activities in the afternoon in their buddy groups. We all had an Easter egg hunt and then designed our own Easter eggs in our groups. The children worked really hard and had a lot of fun!                      

Shared reading

Laurel class came to visit us in birch and showed us some stories they had written and illustrated. Laurel children read them to us and birch class had the opportunity to ask questions about the stories. We really enjoyed listening to the stories and learnt a lot  

Across the Fields

Across the Fields, sung by key stage 2 in our singing lessons. The second half is sung as a round.

Conscience Alley

Should the Rainforest be cut down? The class have researched points for and against cutting the rainforest down for home learning and are now listening to others points. What do you think? The class will use these ideas for discussion text later in the week.


Our new topic is Programming in ICT. Today we started programming Bee Bots on the IPads and giving instructions to the Blue Bots to control them through the maze. The class worked both independently and in groups and had to debug their instructions as they went along. See if you can tell from the pictures […]

Evaporation and Condensation 

The class have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. This week they have been learning about what evaporation is and what causes condensation. They had to explain what happens to the water when washing is on the line then the children looked at what happens to the window when hot water is put in […]