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London landmarks artwork

In Sycamore class the children have been working hard on drawing London landmarks. This links to our topic on London this term. We had a go at copying one first. Then we had a go at drawing our own. We drew them using step by step instructions. Then we had a go at drawing our […]

London Topic

In Key Stage One our topic this term is ‘London’. We will be looking at geography and history based around London. We will be learning about the Great Fire of London. We have the pudding lane bakery in the classroom and the children have been having fun baking in the oven and completing lots of […]

Identifying trees

We are learning to identify trees by their leaves. We can find the leaves that match the trees on our playground. We tried using size but it does not always help us   This our newly planted oak tree and it is a lot smaller than the other oak trees but e found that the […]

KS1 Money Minds Workshop

Today in KS1 we were very excited to have people from Yorkshire Building Society to teach us about how to look after our money and look at what things are essential to buy and which things we really don’t need. The children took part in many activities and discussed their ideas together.

Castle Role Play

In Sycamore class our topic this term is castles. We have had so much fun playing in our role play area. We have been dressing up as knights, kings and queens and re-enacting battles.  

Take One Tune

Hall of the Mountain King by Peer Gynt or Morning by Edvard Grieg were used by the school to come up with their own interpretations of the music. On Friday 28th June we had a whole school assembly to share class performances. The variety of interpretations were wide, interesting and very entertaining. Many thanks to […]

KS1 School Games Day

On Tuesday 18th June, we held our annual KS1 Games Day. We were very lucky with the weather, with the sun shining all morning. It was a fantastic day, with the pupils performing brilliantly. They displayed determination, perseverance and a great amount of effort.

Sycamore Sunflower Planting

Today in Forest School, Sycamore class helped to plant sunflower seeds. This is part of our plants topic in Science. We will be watering our seeds and seeing how they grow each week. We will be recording what we observe in our plant diaries.

Pancake Day!

Today Sycamore enjoyed eating pancakes in class. We tried different toppings such as lemon and sugar, golden syrup and chocolate spread. Thank you to Miss McAuley, they were really delicious! Chocolate spread was the overall favourite!

Sycamore Book Sharing

Sycamore class were very excited to share their books this week with the children in Oak class. They have written explanation texts linked to the book, ‘Monsters An Owners Guide’ by Johnathan Emmett. The children read their guides to the Year 5/6 children and then showed them their beautiful illustrations.