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Brazil – Sycamore

In Sycamore we have been learning about Brazil. We learnt about carnival and why they celebrated. We talked about the costumes that they wear. We designed a crown and created them using card and glitter.


Science investigation: Germs Today we found about germs. We discussed good germs and bad germs and how bad germs make us feel. We looked at ways germs spread and the best way to stop them from spreading. We carried out an investigation using baby oil and glitter. We covered our hands in baby oil, this […]

Sycamore Science Day

We had 4 different brands of nappies and we had to find out which nappy would hold and absorb the greater amount of liquid. Aldi won!

Leaf man

This is a story of a man made of leaves and his journey over the earth’s landscape and the wonderful sights he sees as well as the friends he makes.  Wow! did you know, as the plants break down the chlorophyll, the green colour disappears from their leaves.  Depending on which chemicals are found in the leaf, […]

“Take One” Art

This year’s picture is “Woman in a Hat and A fur Coat” by Pablo Picasso.  Each class uses a picture for inspiration for their art work.  Some of our classes created with own art work inspired by the Pablo Picasso artwork and others used his cubism style of art to inspire their own paintings. Cubism […]

All about autumn

Today, we looked at autumn seeds and leaves.  The leaves are starting to turn different colours in our woods.  The trees are producing many different seeds. They all look very different.  We looked at small red hawthorn berries, sloe berries, conkers and the large spikey sweet chestnut.             Some of […]

KS1 Battle of Hastings workshop

We had a fantastic day, re enacting the Battle of Hastings, playing Anglo Saxon games and devising our battle strategy!


We used our navigational skills to navigate our way around the school grounds.  We followed instructions and a map of the school grounds to navigate from point to point, marking our control points on the map with a red dot.

Easter in the Woods

On our way into the woods today, the children had to find the matching parts of their eggs.         But, when we got to Forest School, we found that the naughty squirrels had stolen the poor Easter Bunny’s eggs and hidden them around the woods.   Fortunately the clever Easter Bunny had used […]

Reversible and irreversible changes

Today we have been thinking about revisable and irreversible change as part of our material topic.  We melted chocolate, cooked popping corn, melted ice and cooked toast on the fire.  Which ones were reversible and which ones were irreversible?