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Chestnut Assembly to the Parents

Thank you for everyone who came to watch our special class assembly! The children couldn’t wait to see you and show you what we have been learning this term. They did really well and were very pleased with themselves. It was a really important day for our class! Well done Chestnut!

Fun in the Snow

Chestnut class was really lucky they had their Forest School session on the Snowy Day! The children had a lot of fun playing with the snow. They were throwing snowballs at each other and made a lot of snowmen on the field. It was great fun for everybody not only for the children!

Planting Seeds

During Forest School we started to learn how plants grow. We have learnt how to plant seeds. In the beginning we carefully put soil in the pots, next we made a little hole in the soil and then we put seeds in. In the end we put more soil to cover the seeds. We were […]

Planting seeds for our next topic

Today we started to look at our next Science topic.  We will be looking at plants, we started to get ready for our topic by planting some seeds so that we will be able to look at plants in more detail later on in the year.  Today we planted two types of sunflowers, one will […]

Shrove Tuesday in Chestnut

We learnt about Shrove Tuesday and how to make pancakes! In small groups we read pancake recipes and checked if we’ve got all ingredients that we need. Then we measured the right amount of each ingredient and followed the instructions in the recipe. The children stirred all the ingredients together to make a batter. As […]

Sharing Paddington Stories Afternoon

The children in Chestnut and Birch had a really nice Monday afternoon. Birch children came to the Chestnut classroom to read Paddington stories that they had written before half- term. Next some Chestnut children read their stories about Paddington Bear. All the children seemed to be happy and proud of themselves! Well done Birch and […]

London Landmarks

Our topic this term is London. During art lessons children were practising their sketching skills. They were sketching London Landmarks. First they were practising in sketch books using step by step instructions. Next they chose the best one and sketched it on the separate paper. All children did incredibly well and put a lot of […]

Meeting Hagrid’s family

Chestnut class are really lucky that we have a real Giant African Snail in the classroom. On Tuesday we had an amazing opportunity to meet Hagrid’s family. All the children and teachers really enjoyed meeting them.

Fun in the woods

Making tree spirits and woodland animals using clay.

KS1 Money Minds Workshop

Today in KS1 we were very excited to have people from Yorkshire Building Society to teach us about how to look after our money and look at what things are essential to buy and which things we really don’t need. The children took part in many activities and discussed their ideas together.