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Key Stage 1 Christmas Craft Afternoon

Yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed getting in the Christmas spirit during our Key Stage 1 Christmas Craft afternoon.  We had fun making snowmen, sparkly Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, decorating biscuits, making Christingles and much, much more!  Thank you to everyone who came along.  We hope the children and all our visitors enjoyed the afternoon.  

KS1 Open Afternoon

We had a lovely end to our day today (23rd November) with parents joining us to look at the children’s work and displays.  The children thoroughly enjoyed showing their work and explaining what we do in class.  We hope everyone who came enjoyed the afternoon.  You are all welcome in the new year when we organise this […]

Diva lamps

In our R.E. lessons, we have been learning about the importance of light in different religions. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how they found their way back home using diva lamps. We linked this to how Hindus celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, today. The children each made a diva lamp […]

Creativity week – Take One Picture

For Creativity week the children have all made a class project around the picture ‘A Roman Triumph’ which is in the National Gallery. The children all worked extremely hard and each class produced something different based on what they saw and liked about the picture. We could not be prouder of all they have achieved. […]

Materials and their properties

In Chestnut class, we have been looking at different materials and thinking of different ways of describing them using the materials’ properties. The children have enjoyed working with a learning partner doing a ‘material hunt’ in the classroom to consolidate their scientific knowledge. They have also been discussing what questions could be raised about these materials and their properties.  As a result, […]

KS1 Sports Day

On Tuesday 28th June we held our KS1 Sports Day. All the children were all split into teams of our house colours. They then had to go round the course that had lots of stations to do different activities to try and get as many point as they could for their house. Some of the activities were things like […]


Our topic this term is seasides. We have been looking at old photos and clips and have been comparing seasides in the past to how they are now. The children have enjoyed finding out about what people wore to the beach and for swimming, transport to the beaches and the entertainment that could be found […]

London Models

The children in 2Chesnut have been busy over half term making some amazing models of London landmarks. Watch this space for photos appearing soon.