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KS1 Sports Day

Thank you to everyone who came to support the Key Stage 1 children during our Sports morning today.  We had perfect weather to enjoy all the events. We hope all the children and spectators had lots of fun and enjoyed the morning. Well done to all the finalists in the running races and well done to […]

Buddy Groups

On Wednesday afternoon the children did some Easter activities in the afternoon in their buddy groups. We all had an Easter egg hunt and then designed our own Easter eggs in our groups. The children worked really hard and had a lot of fun!                      

Fire of London

Having made houses out of paper and cardboard, we visited forest school to re-enact the Fire of London. The houses were stuffed with straw and lined up like a small street. One cardboard house was then set alight. The children were fascinated as the wind helped to spread the fire across the houses . The […]

Chestnut Sports Fayre

Yesterday, the children from Chestnut class took part in a Sports Fayre at the local sports centre.  They thoroughly enjoyed learning new sporting activities including, speedstacking, tri-golf, fun fit, crazy catch and dance. Well done to the children for taking part and for being excellent representatives of our school.


In 2Chestnut we have been learning about remembrance Sunday and have been talking about why we wear poppies. Today we made poppies using card, paint and scrunched tissue paper.

KS1 Trip to St Mary’s Church

Today the children in KS1 went on a trip to St Mary’s Church in the Old Town.  We enjoyed looking inside the church to see what we could find and the children enjoyed asking Reverend John and Reverend Austin lots of interesting questions.  In the afternoon we had a great time in Gadebridge Park eating […]

Titanic Writing

The children have enjoyed learning about the Titanic as part of their topic lessons. They have tried hard to write an account of what it must have been like aboard the famous ship and the terrible events that followed. Using the knowledge they have gained has helped to really bring their stories to life!

Easter Poem Performed

In small groups, the children gathered words linked to the Easter and Spring theme. Then, they paired these words with ones that made the same rhyming sound. As a class, these ideas were then put together and made into a rhyming couplet poem with several verses. Finally, actions were added to help the children perform […]

Easter Work

In 2Chestnut, we have been making lots of fun things for Easter. We made Easter bunny cards and individual Easter bonnets, which we showed to the rest of the school in our Easter assembly. Happy Easter!

Playing with rhyming poems

This term, we have been looking at poems. The children have identified different rhyming words in a couplet poem (a two-lined poem) and then thought of their own alternative rhyming words.  Altering the couplet poem slightly, the children have then redrafted the poem using their own rhyming words with a lot of success!