2 Chestnut Category

Non-Fiction texts

We looked at different non-fiction texts to learn about owls. We learnt about the features of a non-fiction text and found them in different books. Then we wrote our own information poster about barn owls. During our work on portraits we learnt about the artist Picasso. We looked at the painting ‘Woman in a hat […]

“Take One” Art

This year’s picture is “Woman in a Hat and A fur Coat” by Pablo Picasso.  Each class uses a picture for inspiration for their art work.  Some of our classes created with own art work inspired by the Pablo Picasso artwork and others used his cubism style of art to inspire their own paintings. Cubism […]

KS1 Battle of Hastings workshop

We had a fantastic day, re enacting the Battle of Hastings, playing Anglo Saxon games and devising our battle strategy!

Tree Identification

This week in Forest School we are learning to identify the different trees on our school grounds.  We used the different shapes of the leaves to identify the Oak , Sycamore, Lime and Ash tree on the KS1 playground.  This is the Sycamore leaf which has five fingers.

Getting to know you

In Chestnut Class we have been getting to know each other as part of the new school year. We have lots of Harry Potter fans in our class so we had a wizarding theme. We told the class all about ourselves and also thought about what our patronus and boggert would be.

The Colour Purple

Chestnut thought about the colour purple for their latest poetry work. They read the poem ‘Purple is…’ which is a free verse poem and they then composed their own as a class.  

Moving Pictures

For their DT topic Chestnut learnt about simple machines and made their own moving pictures. They identified different types of lever and slider and made their own. As our topic is space they designed and made a planet with moving characters using a lever mechanism made from split pins and card.

When the Dinosaur Came to Stay

During their poetry lessons Chestnut have been working on dinosaur poems. They read ‘When the Dinosaur Came to Stay’. They wrote their own poems using different types of sentences such as, questions, commands, statements and exclamations.  

Fairy Tales

Chestnut were reading Rapunzel and learning about Fairy Tales. They wrote their own recipes for writing a fairy tale! They used imperative verbs to write command sentences like ‘stir’, ‘mix’ and ‘pour’.