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KS1 Sports Day

On Tuesday 28th June we held our KS1 Sports Day. All the children were all split into teams of our house colours. They then had to go round the course that had lots of stations to do different activities to try and get as many point as they could for their house. Some of the activities were things like […]

Making our own life rules

In birch class we have been learning about the Christian religion. We looked at the 10 commandments and made some of our own life rules.

3D shape construction!

In 1Birch we have been learning the names and properties of some 3D shapes. We built our own 3D shapes in our numeracy lesson today and talked about the shapes we had created. It was lots of fun!

Multiskills festival

Birch class were ready and raring to go to compete in a multiskills festival. We had a go at lots of different activities looking at lots of different skills. There were giant speed stacks, a basketball dribbling race, an obstacle course, a football shooting target and a hockey stick dribbling race. we all really enjoyed […]

Sounds of school

In birch class we went on a walk to collect some sound data. We found out the quietest and noisiest parts of the school ready to make a graph of the information on the iPads. The children enjoyed using the app on the iPad to find out the noise levels around the school!

London Role-play fun!

In Birch class we have started to play in the role-play area. We have made the Pudding Lane bakery and the children have been enjoying baking cakes, bread and biscuits, dressing up and buying and selling their food!