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Christmas fire

We had a lovely time decorating the woods. Toasting marshmallows and eating them with chocolate biscuits. Sadly we had too take them all down again.


We only have a few mammals that hibernate. The children helped our hedgehogs find a lovely home for the winter. They found a suitable spot in our woods and used sticks and lives to make a hibernaculum/ hedgehog house.

Day 2 in the woods

    We made puppets using natural materials, shelter building and bug hunting      

Hawthorn Fire

We have a fun afternoon after school toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate while singing Christmas songs.

Team work

Together we can reach new heights. Well, I hope it’s not to high!

Jacobs ladder

‘That’s the weirdest looking ladder we’ve ever seen!   That’s high!


By the way, lunch was awesome; burger and chips (yum, yum!)

Low ropes challenge

  It’s like I’m walking on air! Don’t let me fall guys!