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Day 2 in the woods

    We made puppets using natural materials, shelter building and bug hunting      

Hawthorn Fire

We have a fun afternoon after school toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate while singing Christmas songs.

Christmas is coming in Forest School

KS1 have been busy making Christmas decorations using natural materials and using forest school skills. The children used a bow saw to cut circles of wood for making Rudolf.  They used holly leaves for antlers with goggle eyes and pompoms to finish. Pinecones were decorated with gold and silver glitter.

Greek Mythology


Last half term we looked at mythology in Ancient Greece. We worked towards writing our own versions of a famous myth and later wrote our own story in that style. We also looked at how Greek mythology is depicted in ancient art, specifically pottery. We thought about what we could learn from Ancient Greek pottery […]

World War 2 topic

5Maple have been working on our  World War 2 topic. The children have been very enthusiastic and have done lots of research at home. They have brought lots in for our displays including poems, books, timelines, model aeroplanes and posters. We have even been lucky enough to have a real gas mask! Well done everybody.  

Picking blackberries

Before we could make our delicious sundaes we had to pick them, in the rain!

First week of Year 5!

5 Maple have been settling into our new classroom. We have decided on our Class Rules and talked about what makes a good learner.  We have also been adding to our Literacy and Numeracy working walls. 

Mothers Day

In 1 Birch we have been getting ready for Mother’s Day by making cards and baking biscuits.  The children cut out and decorated their butterflies for the front of their cards then they wrote a special message to their mummy’s. Then we made shortbread biscuits in the shape of flowers, hearts and teapots.  We hope […]